Conditions for Consignments

The auctioneer is instructed to sell the items submitted - which are in the unrestricted ownership of the Client - by public and voluntary auction.
The auction shall be conducted on behalf of and for the account of a third party. Clearing occurs within three weeks after the auction preconditioned to the buyer's payment.
In case the object remains unsold the customer is not charged any fees.

Until the auction is put up the orderer is bound to the contract. If the order is withdrawn partly or wholly a fee of 25 % plus valid VAT will be charged.
The deliverer is liable to assured object descriptions. A fault which is not recognized during the receipt of the object results in reduction of the limit price or denial of the object.
The auction is based on the previous mentioned auction conditions.
For the auction the auctioneer receives a commission from the selling price of about 15% plus valid VAT on the surcharge. If the selling price does not exceed € 1.000 the commission amounts to 18,5 % plus valid VAT.
The auctioneer cannot be made liable for not gathered purchase money.
The proportionate insurance commission amounts to 0,83% is only charged in case the object is sold.
Costs caused by §26 (2,5% of the acceptance of the bid price).
An orderer who runs a business is obliged to pay the VAT caused by made transactions by himself.
Costs for catalogue images are graded by dimension.